When celiac attacks…

Thursday – 9:48 pm

I’m lying in bed with two heating pads draped across my belly. My head is pounding and, despite the heat, I can feel the cramps working their way around my stomach.

An hour ago I was out running errands when my stomach began churning. I hobbled to my car so I could make it home in time… Opening the front door my mom asked me, “Did you get my text? We need milk…” I ran past her, “I’ll go back out, I have to poop!”

Yes, poop. I’ve been attacked by something, and its name is gluten. How could you wrong me so?! What have I done to you to deserve this?! It still amazes me how one tiny protein can cause this much pain… I almost forgot what it felt like; how bad it was to have a reaction. But this reaction reminded me why I began this blog: to spread awareness about this disease.

You may be thinking “okay, so why did you eat gluten then?” The answer, I didn’t… Or, I didn’t intend to. I decided to go out for dinner tonight. I ordered a ham and cheese omelette, it came with home fries. Before ordering I gave my whole spiel about having celiac, etc, etc, to avoid getting “glutened.”

A ham and cheese omelette with home fries… sounds gluten-free right? Guess not. Because people are unfamiliar with celiac and gluten-related sensitivities they don’t realize that gluten can be found in spices too… spices that may have been added to the home fries perhaps…

But sadly I’ll never know… such is the life of a celiac.



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