LUSH lovers beware!

A few months ago I came across the Lava Lamp bath bomb at Lush. With the promise of an orange and purple-swirled oasis I was eager to try it out.

Dropping it in the tub I wasn’t disappointed as the water turned bright orange and the citrus fragrance quickly filled the room. I climbed in, grabbing at the little purple blobs that began to appear – it really was like stepping into a lava lamp!

Once I was finished my bath I got out and grabbed a towel, quickly noticing that my skin looked quite red. I thought it was just from the heat of the water, but as I began to dress I saw that my legs were covered in little red bumps. It wasn’t anything too concerning, but I was a little puzzled as to why I had this reaction. I quickly looked up the ingredients of the bath bomb, sure that it didn’t contain any wheat products, but it was better to double-check. As I suspected there were no gluten-containing products listed in the ingredients… I brushed it off and made a mental note to avoid that particular bath bomb.

A few weeks later I visited a Lush store to exchange a previous purchase. As part of their exchange program I was able to choose anything in the store – I headed straight to the mountains of bath bombs. I was soon approached by a store employee asking if I needed any help. I told her about my experience with the last bath bomb and asked if she knew if any of them contained gluten. After we read through a few ingredients she went to ask her manager just to make sure. He came back and told me that during the shipping process some of the bath bombs come into contact with gluten to help keep certain elements intact – specifically the ones that contain cocoa butter orbs, or the ones containing glitter.

To confirm this I spoke to a customer service representative and she assured me that there is no gluten within most bath bombs. But she gave me a list of ingredients to keep an eye out for that do contain gluten:

– Oats, oatmilk, oat infusion, or anything oat-related
– Wheatgrass mucilage
– Wheat germ oil
– Cognac oil or beer

She also warned me that because their products are kept in close quarters there is a possibility of cross-contamination.

Sadly I will have to avoid some of the bath bombs for now, but luckily Lush has many amazing products that I can still indulge in!


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