The struggle is real

There’s no doubt that having celiac disease is challenging – heck, the amount of times I have to recite the same blab over and over again while I’m dinning out is anxiety-inducing. “Please don’t contaminate my food,” the voice inside my head pleads, “I really don’t want to feel like crap tonight.” But it’s not just the constant explanations and the feeling of being an inconvenience that makes living with celiac disease a challenge – it’s also the intense cravings!!!

Because I was unfortunate enough to be diagnosed in my 20’s, I already had two decades of food favourites in my craving inventory – easy to access at any time with a simple trip to the store. Now, I still have those cravings… with no way to fulfill my body’s need for delicious foods.

Grilled cheese and tomato soup? Nope, you get dense and crumbly bread with a side of flavourless tomato water. No more flavourful Campbell’s soup for me. Froot Loops for breakfast? No way, no how! Popeye’s deliciously crispy chicken strips paired with the most heavenly biscuit I’ve ever tasted? You wish…

Okay, I know some of these foods are a little… “unhealthy,” but the point is I was able to enjoy them every once in awhile without worry, now I can’t go near them. I have been deprived of something I once enjoyed – it’s a really disheartening feeling.

Everywhere I go I come across something I was once able to eat – a trip to the grocery store is the worst kind of torment, especially when you go with someone that can eat whatever their heart desires. “No, please don’t get tortellini for dinner,” I whine like a child that has been denied a Kinder Surprise. But in actual fact it is my body that has denied me from enjoying one of my favourite foods. It’s torture, with every step my cravings become more and more aggressive – the foods loom over me like an evil entity closing in, laughing in my face as I walk past. I feel trapped by my cravings, unable to break their hold on me.

It’s come to the point that I’ve almost given in… I couldn’t stand the cravings anymore, but I pushed through. I’m hoping that the cravings will soon subside, although a nice sugar-filled bowl of Froot Loops would be heavenly right now.


5 thoughts on “The struggle is real

  1. Ug, I know! I’ve been gluten free for only a year, but it’s soooo hard! The bakery at the store, I just need to skip that section! So much sugary cereal that I can’t eat! The grocery store is cruel! (Okay, not really.)


  2. I totally feel for you! I am over 2 years gluten free and I can’t tell you how much I’d love to have a real piece of pizza and fruit loops too. BUT I know the consequences and I have resigned myself to trying to imagine that the salad that I have to eat AGAIN tastes just like pizza. Does it help? Not really but I not sick anymore and am finally getting my energy back.


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