Craving – 1, Me – 0

It happened, I gave in to my craving… my Popeyes craving that is. After writing my post The struggle is real my cravings wouldn’t subside – they followed me wherever I went, stalking me like prey. I couldn’t sleep without the thought of Popeyes biscuits tumbling into my mouth from some type of funnel-like contraption……

Okay, I’m being dramatic, but you get the picture. I fell victim to my nefarious craving…

As I pulled into the Popeyes’ parking lot I began having second thoughts, or maybe it was just thoughts of disbelief: “Am I actually doing this right now? I have celiac disease and I’m purposely going to eat gluten?!” I shooed my thoughts away and marched right through the doors ready to order. “3 piece chicken tenders and a side biscuit please!” It was ready in an instant, time to take it home and enjoy!

The second I got in the door I walked right to my kitchen table. Opening the box I sat in awe as the smell of crispy chicken and biscuit filled the air. I took a bite of the chicken, chewing it slowly – trying to detect every flavour as if I were tasting fine wine. I left the biscuit for last – the beautiful biscuit, too pure for this world. I took one bite and melted, I missed this taste.

Once I was done I waited for the havoc to strike… but nothing happened. I was shocked! It took me a little while to figure out what had happened. I had been eating a strict gluten-free diet for almost a year since being diagnosed so my intestines had had some time to heal. But I couldn’t lie to myself – the gluten was still toxic to my system, even if there wasn’t a noticeable reaction. I know it was foolish to purposely eat food containing gluten… and I won’t be doing it again (anytime soon). But this one time was definitely worth it… sometimes you just have to risk it for the biscuit 🥖


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