Dear Subway sandwiches

Please, for all the celiacs out there, change up your gluten-free bun recipe. I appreciate that you’ve made an effort to include a gluten-free option at your restaurants, but I’m just not a fan of eating mattress foam.

You’re known for your deliciously moist, baked bread, yet you serve celiacs fridge-stored sponges. I don’t even know if this is real bread, I feel like I’m eating some kind of warehouse created insulation. I’ve only eaten your gluten-free sandwich twice – the first time I thought it was just a fluke… the second time I was disappointed. I even tried to add more sauce than I usually do to make it a little more moist, but alas that didn’t work.

Subway, you’re a giant company with restaurants across the globe, there’s no reason for you to be serving this kind of “bread.” I’m sure there are gluten-free suppliers out there that can make you better-tasting bread – maybe it will even be close to your non gluten-free bread!

But please, to help quell my craving for Subway (and I’m sure I’m not the only one), pleeease make a better gluten-free bun.


One thought on “Dear Subway sandwiches

  1. It really isn’t good at all but if you toast it three times, it at least holds together long enough to eat it. There are other alternatives out there for sure. Burgers Priest has a very decent gluten free bun. If they can purchase them, surely Subway can purchase them also.


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