When cake decorating goes wrong

Ever since I was old enough to stand on a stool I’ve been baking – my nana introduced me to it, I was her “little helper.” It was through her and my mom that I learned all I know about making and presenting cakes. But it is also through them that I learned not everything works out as planned…

Last week I was excited to film a new recipe video for you all, but sadly it didn’t turn out. My plan was to make an apple spice cake and decorate it in the colours of autumn. The video and baking was going well – I mixed and baked the cake, I removed it from the pan without an issue, and I let it cool. All that was left was to decorate it. I was super excited, I had coloured icing before and it always looked awesome! But I had never tried to colour an icing sugar glaze, which I wanted to use for this cake. I originally planned to dye the icing in separate bowls and then pour the colours over the cake individually… but before filming I came across an interesting technique to add all four colours to one bowl of glaze (without mixing) and pour that over the cake to make a sort of tie-dye effect. Needless to say that technique didn’t go as I had hoped.

Looking back, I realize that I should have trusted my instinct and coloured the icing separately. It was especially silly of me to even attempt to add four different colours to one bowl when two bottles of the food colour I used were gel colour, while the other two were crappy watery ones from the local grocery store. Note: watery food colour does not work well with icing sugar, the glaze becomes way too thin and runny. Because of the different consistencies of food colour it also caused two colours to be very prominent – green and orange, the gel colours. If anyone has ever tried to combine these colours together they’ll know that it turns into a disgusting puke green/brown. In other words, it is one sure way of ruining a perfectly good cake…

At least I know now that I should never try that again – lesson learned



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