Health > anything else

As some of you may have noticed I haven’t updated my website in a while, and I’ve been posting a lot less frequently. It’s been upsetting not being able to post recipes and other blogs, but I promise I haven’t forgotten about you. It’s time that I fill everyone in and share with you something that has been burdening me since early August.

Since August I have been sick on and off – in the beginning it came in the form of mild fevers; having to spend the day curled up in bed with Tylenol and Gatorade at my side. But recently it has gotten a lot worse with high fevers ranging from 103° – 104° F that recur almost weekly, and body aches so painful that I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck. It came to the point that I ended up in emergency, and later spent the whole week in the hospital. And despite the multiple blood tests, MRIs, CT scan, etcetera, the doctors are unable to determine what is causing these symptoms.

Because of this it’s been really tough for me, not only in the sense of not being able to do something I love (which is keeping up with my blog), but also when it comes to having to missing work, giving up time with my friends, and missing family get-togethers. It’s all been really depressing.

One of the reasons I decided to start this website was so that I could share my struggles in the hopes of people finding comfort in knowing they’re not alone. But I decided to share this in the hopes that I’m not alone. I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out what could cause something like this – and of course celiac disease and its complications was one of the thoughts that came to mind. But I’ve become more and more doubtful of celiac disease being the cause… At first I thought it was because of my lowered immune system and me being extremely susceptible to colds (especially when I was working as a person trainer in an environment that was less than cleanly *Note: people sweat… a lot). Although that stopped making sense as things became worse.

It’s funny though, I almost felt healthier before being diagnosed with celiac disease… I mean yes, food and nutrients weren’t staying in my system, but at least that was the only issue. Now it seems like it has been one health issue after another…

When all of this first began happening I was really upset – I’m the type of person that hates missing work or having to cancel plans, and this really got me down. But I was recently reminded to keep my head up and focus on my health first. Of course, for me that’s easier said than done but I’ve been working on trying to focus on myself first and foremost. With that in mind I may or may not be posting on my site very frequently – but the New Year is coming up soon and I’m hoping it will come with good surprises.

So here’s to everyone’s health and happiness – I hope to be back soon!



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