Welcome to my blog about celiac disease and living gluten-free!

I decided to begin this blog as a way to express how people with celiac disease (and other gluten-related sensitivities) struggle each day in world where gluten can be found EVERYWHERE!

So why did I name my blog The Girl Who Cried Gluten? Because just like the wolf in the original fable many people think that my disease, and others like it, are made up. In truth, it is very much a real issue that comes with serious health threats. But why do many people not believe us? Sadly, the “liars” out there aren’t those with gluten-related sensitivities, but rather those that claim they “can’t eat gluten” because they are following a gluten-free diet in order to lose weight, when in fact they can (and usually do) consume it. The liars are those that claim they can’t eat gluten while at a restaurant then decide to order the double chocolate cake for dessert, making waiters roll their eyes and become doubtful whenever someone claims they can’t eat gluten.

That’s where my blog comes in! I am here to help educate and spread the word that celiac disease and gluten sensitivity are real – and with that I ask those in the food industry, and those who don’t know or don’t believe gluten diseases and allergies are real to please please please read through some of my articles in order to help us celiacs remain healthy and happy.

– Meaghan Ritola